Many of you may have noticed that for the last few months terrariums have been trending on online sharing sites such as Pinterest and also on Etsy, one of the world's largest handmade markeplaces.  Terrariums are everywhere and for good reason!
Also trending on Pinterest (and something I’ve been dying to try my own hand at for the longest time now) is how to create your own cake/ cupcake/ jewelry stand out of found objects such as old candlesticks, plates, bowls, and any other object you can figure out how to stack on one another. All you need is E6000 glue and cast-away objects found at your local thrift store.

One day my thoughts collided in the most delightful way (after a great and educational visit to local plant store and terrarium experts, The Urban Planter) and I knew what my next project was going to be – a terrarium in a unique, made by me container.

I learned from my favorite design blog, Design Sponge, that modern-day terrariums actually trace their history back to the Victorian-era when an obsession with all things plant and nature-related were a must.  Victorians fixation with all things botanical appeared in all facets of daily life.  Therefore, it was only natural that creating a tiny, little ecosphere all of its own would be a huge craze that continues to this day.  Please check out this LINK to an excellent article from Design Sponge on further history of terrariums and for some terrific inspirational photos of dream terrariums and terrariums that are within everyone’s reach.

Here in the Upstate of South Carolina we are lucky to have a local plant store, The Urban Planter, who has excellent (and knowledgeable) owners and staff who can help you create your own terrarium. They do an excellent job!  I made my first one the other week as a Father’s Day present and my mother just loves it!  It now has a name – “Terry the Terrarium” and is growing, growing, growing.  You will see pictures below of the “cake stand” container I created from pieces found at my local Habitat for Humanity store, pictures of the small plants I picked out, the “building” stage, and the finished product.

While I am new to this century-old trend, I am thrilled to have stumbled upon a way that I can have my own piece of “green” in my small home (it’s like this wonderful, magical, fairyland where everything is so green and lush….I imagine small, woodland people running around amongst the plants in their new found utopia) and best yet…..if you go the closed container route it’s kitty proof!  What more could you ask for?  Go visit The Urban Planter and create your own terrarium today!  I bought pieces today for my next one (a present) and am on the hunt for the perfect large glass dome (for me).

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